Development of the GRASE Hotspot is done in my own free time. If you would like to donate to the project to assist with running costs of the server, and to support me, please consider the following methods. Or, if you have some skills you wish to donate to the project, please join the mailing list and tell us what you can do!


This is the preferred donation method, with the lowest fee’s, less than 3%
See below for perks for recurring donors!


Please let me know if you don't want your name to appear in the Donor's list.

Once Off Donors

  • Glyn Pollington
  • Muhammad Zubair
  • Rocco Fusella
  • Thomas Krkoska
  • Voordeh
  • Maryono
  • David Hansen
  • Steffen Krämer
  • Sean Schneeweiss
  • Joël Niederwipper
  • Brian Gueldner
  • Stefan Krakkai
  • Thomas Crosbie
  • XDIT Namibia
  • Nikolaos Papapanagiotou
  • Thomas Stefanidis
  • Emre Erdogan

Recurring Donors

  • Daniel Crusoe

Hardware Donations

  • Josef Himmelbauer
  • Michael Raynor

Other ways to donate


Bitcoins to 1L1ojDck63Ps8DfZ4A6LnGdFUF81jXTsRc


Patreon takes fee’s that range anywhere from 5% to 15%.


Paypal. Ether send a Gift Payment to tim @ or click the donate button (which takes about 3% in fees).

Recurring donor perks

  • $5/month – Your name set in stone (source)
    Your name will be added to the contributors list, forever immortalised in the source code, visible in the repository for the world to see!
  • $50/month – A voting voice
    You will be given the power to vote for Github issues that you want worked on, both bugs and wishlists!
  • $200/month – The vote of triumph!
    You will be given the power to choose a Github issues that you want worked on. No need to wait for others to vote on the issue to bring it’s priority up, it flys to the top of the list!