All the components of the GRASE Hotspot are packaged into debian packages. (.deb). They reside in a repository that allows for easy installation and upgrading.

To easily install the repository, download the latest grase-repo package from and install it with `dpkg -i grase-repo_X_all.deb` (X represents the latest version).

You can then install the components that you require. Please see the installation page for a basic installation. This page is intended to give you a better idea of what the packages contain.

If you are using the Hotspot, please contact me using the contact form at

Package Descriptions


This package contains the web interface to the whole system. It contains the UAM pages (login pages) as well as the Radmin pages (Administration section) and the My Account pages (for users to view session history and change password).


This package will have grase in the version string. This shows it is the coova-chilli package (from Coova) with patches relevant to the GRASE Hotspot project. Hopefully in the future most of these patches will be merged reducing the need to rely on a customised build. The main patch in use atm is to not count traffic to the Hotspot server webserver (which is local traffic to the client) so that the local mirror isn’t counted against the users traffic quota.


This package simply provides config files for freeradius already setup for the GRASE Hotspot. It uses mostly diversions instead of modifying files in other packages.


This package simply provides the GPG keys for the Apt repository, and installs a cronjob to ensure updates are applied nightly and the apt repository source isn’t disabled during upgrades.

grase-conf-openvpn Deprecated


This package provides config files for Squid3 for the transparent proxy and monitoring of user activity. It is required as the customised coova-chilli package has firewall rules redirecting users browsing traffic through the squid proxy. Without the proxy (and firewall rules) the session monitoring in the Admin interface will only show total traffic, and not a breakdown by url.


This package is only for users getting full support from White IT Solutions. Please do not install it unless you have a support contract with White IT Solutions


  1. Thank u much for this package, haven’t tried it yet…
    think it’s because i’m not getting the hardware setup right,
    is there any help i can get with setting yup the hardware

  2. Great job on your own, you really are a great …
    I can not properly configure the eth1 for LAN …. can you help?

  3. Everything runs nice right now… The only problem I have right now is that my LAN is accessible by guest users… This could probably be solved by setting a rule, I will get into that in the next few days… GREAT job…

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