ChilliSpot Config

Getting Configuration from RADIUS Server

One of the lesser used features of Coova Chilli (ChilliSpot) seems to be the radconfig stuff. This allows you to store settings in the RADIUS database instead of in the config files. You can even change settings while the server is running, and they will be reloaded roughly every hour (I believe). Documentation for this is rather sparse however.

The “refresh” is controlled by the “interval” option. There is no way to set this option in the /etc/chilli/config file as the functions file that processes this into valid config files doesn’t have any interval option. You could modify the init script to pass it as a command line option, or edit /etc/chilli.conf. The best solution, since you are already passing back Administrative Session options, is to pass it back as one of those options. Some digging through the code reveals the default interval is set to 1 hour (3600 seconds), you can see below how to pass through an interval of 10 minutes for more frequent config checks.

Firstly, you need an Administrator user in your radcheck tables. For example, we’ll use radmin as our admin user with the password foobar.

Our radcheck table will look something like the following


Our radreply table can now contain attributes that will configure the hotspot. It might look something like this.



  1. Hello, i have configured grasehotspot 2, the parameter nousergardendata was added automatically to the file /etc/chilli/local.conf; but every time i restart the server, it causes an error in the startup because of this parameter, i have to restart in single mode, remove this parameter then the server restarts correctly, how can i permanently disable that parameter?


  2. Hi
    can we make the voucher not expire on a specific date like 1 month or 6 month’s like the scenario i see in the default group’s, but like
    the voucher will expire in 10 days from the date of use, not the date of creation, is that possible with Grasehotspot,


  3. I am using grase hotspot on my Ubuntu server 12.04.
    After installing and configuring grasehotspot and chilli , it’s working
    very well.
    I want to use many user at the same time with only one Username and
    How can i do for this issue ?
    Users may be up to 380 users.
    So, can i log in with admin username and password ?
    This default username and password is CoovaChilli and radmin.
    I changed this username and password in /etc/chilli/default . After Changing in there,
    also changed in /etc/chilli/main.conf .
    But i can’t log in with new username and password.
    Pls help me for that issue .
    Thank You very much.
    The final issue is i want to use Only One user account with many users.

    With deep respect,
    Min Thein

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