If GRASE Hotspot isn’t available in your language, please consider doing a translation for it! It doesn’t take much work, and you will be credited with the translation! Please join our mailing list so we can notify all the translators when there are new strings to be translated, and so that duplicate work isn’t done.

You can now assist with translating via Transifex! Head over to to see the current status of translations. Create an account, email the mailing list and we’ll add you to the translation team!

Top translations: grase » grasepot

See for a quick intro to translations.
The below instructions will change slightly to talk about grase.pot instead of grase.po soon.

Ether check out the source for grase-www-portal, or just grab the needed files from the bzr repository online at  You will need the English strings file (grase.po in the English directory) and then any gettext tools you wish to use to do your translation. I personally use poedit which is cross platform. Once your translation is complete, email the mailing list the complete grase.po file for your language (and tell us what language it is) and it’ll be included in the next package. Yes, I will bump the version number just to include a new translation!

The way translations are currently selected is through the administration interface, by typing in a locale. It is a 2 part string, one part defining the locale, the other part defining the language. This way, even if we don’t have the correct language for your locale, we can still display currencies and numbers in the correct format for your area (and will only accept numbers in your format, i.e. 12,23 instead of 12.23). When we have enough translations, we plan on allowing the user to select their language (and autodetect based on browser) so that the login screen is displayed in the correct language for the user.