So somehow we missed the 3.7.6 release. And 3.7.7 didn’t make it out of dev as we found some bugs, so here I’ll try and summarise what has changed since 3.7.5!

  • Fixed the 4Gb limit on data limits. This required a whole new module for Freeradius, and we are very grateful to the Yfi Hotcakes project as we used a good portion of their code. See perl_modules for an idea of what code we used.
  • Fixed a security hole that could allow a user who knows the right details to login with no limits
  • Fixed some display bugs due to usernames being case insensitive
  • Fixed bug #93 (as well as other bugs)
  • Added pagination to session monitoring, and by default only show Active sessions (#84, #90)
  • Removed $ values from Data and Time limits (Vouchers will be in next version so you can sell properly instead of just having a price tied to a Mb/Minute value)
  • Allow customisation of Data, Time and Bandwidth options
  • Ability to lock and unlock users (#77)
  • Customise DHCP range (#85)
  • Fix bug #79 which is causing restarts every 5 minutes

Updates should be automatic unless you have disabled automatic updates. Please report all bugs to the mailing list or the bug tracker.

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  1. Hi, I installed grasehotspot and works fine with MySQL. Now I need to configure it with Active Directory, although I made FreeRadius configuration and tested successfully, it does not work when I try to login a active directory user from portal captive. Anybody could help me ??? Give me some configuration to get it works.


    • Hi Gabriel

      Please contact the mailing list, as this website is not a support forum.

      You probably won’t find it easy to get it to work with Active Directory. Just because it can speak Radius, doesn’t mean it’s going to work. The captive portal does CHAP authentication, so the first thing would be to see that Active Directory is configured for CHAP authentication, and this would probably be better asked in a FreeRadius list. My guess is that AD won’t do CHAP by default.


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