Development Delay (Computer Died)

As you may have noticed, I’ve not posted the 3.7 release, however it has been released, back in January.
However, I was looking forward to announcing a 3.7 update soon which includes some massive improvements in database calls for the displaying users page. We went from >1000 database calls to a fixed 9 for display all the users, as well as a much faster loading time. However this release is going to be delayed now due to my computer dieing recently. Until I can replace my computer I’m very limited in what I can do. No work has been lost as everything is nicely backed up, and the hard drive is fine anyway. So now we need to wait until we can afford a replacement computer (really, just the inside components, CPU, RAM, Motherboard) and then I can transplant them into my old case and we’ll be roaring away.

This is really disappointing for me, as I’m 1/2 way through the paypal integration, so you can allow customers to purchase tickets via paypal and credit card.

This is the new computer we are hoping to buy from Case, Powersupply and HDD’s are extras but are things we wanted to purchase in the near future anyway (HDD’s will be in RAID1 array for backup purposes to replace a NAS that is no longer suitable).

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  1. Hi Tim! I know that are very expensive, but you must try SSD disk!

    Regards and good luck mate!

  2. Have you received any donations? How much more do you need? I would be quite happy to help.

    • I have received some donations. I’m probably 1/3rd the way there in donations, and I have probably 1/2 the money myself.

  3. I was wondering if you had any luck with this and if you plan to still develop this software further? The software is great!

  4. Hi Mike.
    I have gotten some donations towards this. I’m hoping in the next few weeks I’ll purchase my replacement computer. Just the other day I was checking the price of components, and will have to rethink some of the above as things change so quickly and aren’t available anymore!
    I’m also thinking of increasing the RAM so I can run a host of virtual machines for testing purposes, especially for testing Windows browsers. (Might need to increase the process to an i7 to assist with that though).
    I have lots of development plans, plenty of tickets open in the bug tracker that I wish to close!
    I’m glad you like the software, and I can’t wait to get the next version out as it’s got some nice improvements behind the scenes!


  5. I’ve been using Mikrotik routeros and Antamedia. Which are both commercial products. Antamedia costs $500. Both of these products are completely inferior! Grasehotspot really is hands down one of the best turn key hotspot products out there and its free! So we should really help Tim out.

    • Thanks for that Raphael. It’s encouraging to hear people using it and it being better than commercial products!

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