Improving Debian Compatability

As my main development box is Ubuntu, it’s hard to know if my packages will run on Debian. Obviously I don’t want to exclude any deb based Distro, but for now I don’t offer any guarantee’s that the packages will run on anything other than my machine. I will however do my best to ensure it does run on both Debian and Ubuntu.

Today I fixed a “bug” preventing it running on Debian Squeeze. Turns out there is a bug in the smarty package ( which hasn’t been fixed in Squeeze yet. Quite simply, the path for the Smarty class is in a different place on Debian than Ubuntu. Ubuntu “fixed” the path to be inline with upstream Smarty, and didn’t get it fixed in Debian at the same time. The fix is in Debian unstable. So rather than forcing everyone who wants to use the Hotspot on Debian Unstable, I added an if statement on the class including code to check for the Debian path, and load from there, else load from the standard location for Ubuntu. Problem bypassed!

If you are using this package on Debian, please let me know anything that doesn’t work as expected so I can try and have the package working for everyone.

I also pushed another change today, that force’s the grase-conf-squid3 package to conflict with the squid package. Seems you can have both squid 2.7 and squid 3.1 installed at the same time. Unfortunately my config files are for squid3 (and there are reasons for using squid3 over 2.7), and for foolproof operation I need to ensure that squid3 is running. Simplest solution, make sure squid 2.7 is uninstalled. This also ensures the user doesn’t get confused if they are trying to customise any of it. So when you next update, if you have squid 2.7 installed, it will be removed.


While it is possible to install this from the source code (bzr), it’s not designed to be installed that way and will give you lots of trouble.
The reason it is package in .deb files is so that certain dependencies are met, and the configurations for all the pieces of required software is automatic.
Please read the installation instructions before installing.

Attempting to install from the source will not be supported unless you are building debian packages from the source and installing those. Without the debian packages, crucial steps will be missed.

If you wish to assist with porting it to another packaging system, please contact me and we can see if it satisfies the dependency resolution requirements as well as the setup steps.

Version 3.1

Version 3.1 Has been released today.
From the changelog:

  • Basic support for translations now exists
  • Locale support removes need for selecting Currency
  • Locale support brings proper number formats for all locations
  • Added menu show/hide bar
  • Added Tabs to show groups in User List
  • UAM Fixes for looping login and logout link changed
  • Portal Configuration Options (ChilliSpot-Config)
  • Groups are now Dynamic
  • Removal of mysql_real_escape_string for mdb2->quote
  • Menu reorganised and grouped. Changed appearance
  • Machine group is now known as Computer

If you are already running the hotspot, just “sudo apt-get update” and “sudo apt-get upgrade” to upgrade to the newest version!