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After a few months of sticking it out with mediawiki, I’ve given in and started migrating the contents of the wiki to this wordpress install. I originally choose Mediawiki as I wanted a wiki so others could contribute. However, even with Captcha’s in place, I am still spending lots of time cleaning up spam content on the wiki. Using wordpress, I will still allow users to register and edit content, however all registrations will need confirmation, and edits will be moderated until I know that the user is a real person with something good to contribute. It is sad that it has come to this. Please be patient as all old content is moved, the wiki is taken down and redirects are setup.



2 thoughts on “Migration to WordPress”

  1. Hi Tim. I am running a lab website using Mediawiki and am considering moving to WordPress. Looking around there isn’t much info on that. Wonder if you can share your experience/procedures in the migration.

  2. Honestly the switching to worpdess was a right decision. I also moved my wikipages to this cms (btw with automated tool cms2cms) and I’m really satisfied. It works much better and you don’t have to spend all your time on spam.

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